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My neighbours green bamboo is sending roots into my yard -

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My neighbours green bamboo is sending roots into my yard - thick, aggressive, strong roots. What can I do to poison them or otherwise prevent them taking over?

Hello, my name is Greg.

Is the goal to kill the entire bamboo tree or just the portion that is spreading to your side (since you mention the neighbot is okay with trying poison)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Primarily that on my side, but I believe the neighbour would act on the source - he is elderly and not able to cope.

Bamboo is really difficult to control and extremely invasive. I am assuming that these are the bamboo shoots as opposed to the more manageable clumping bamboo.

Unfortunately, the main method of control would be to pull out the bamboo but I am assuming that these are fairly well established (and thus the roots you are describing).

There are a couple options here - see if you can get to his side (since he is elderly) and try to take down the bamboo and apply herbicide. There is not much you can do to control some of the spread of the bamboo as long as it is able to grow wild on the other side. Once knocked down, you could also try covering them with plastic and layers of mulch to prevent them from getting the sun - however, bamboo has a tendency to "reach out" to new areas when covered.

The other thing you could do, on your side, would be to dig down about 30 inches in that section and apply an in ground barrier (can get the sturdy plastic ones). This is going to mean having to go through the roots on your side but the barrier would prevent them from growing over.

To find out more info on bamboo control and about the barrier method you might wish to try, CLICK HERE.

I hope this at least gets you started on the right path - Unfortunately this is going to be a "battle" on this type of bamboo.
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