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What kind of pantry bug eats cardboard? In my pantry many of

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What kind of pantry bug eats cardboard? In my pantry many of my cardboard boxes are eaten on the corner and getting worse. I can't find any bugs. They are not infesting the contents...can't even find them. What should I do?


Have you noticed any droppings in the pantry?

Have you seen anything in the boxes of grain or foods?

If you check the corners of you pantry do you see anything?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Don't see droppings, no bugs in the boxes or the food. Most food is in plastic bags. The eaten boxes are specialty coffee boxes with foil pouches inside (foil is untouched), cracker boxes, nothing in the crackers, cereal boxes with closed plastic inside, no bugs noticed.

On my counter I just found some almonds in a plastic container that something had gotten in an had slits that gave access.

Still no droppings evident.


Saw some very small dead blackish bugs that looked like gnats in the far corner when I started cleaning and spraying.


Thanks for any help.



There are quite a few little insects that can come in grains, flour and foods that we eat or buy that will eat cardboard. One of the most common is a little flour beetle or another is a weevil (there are quite a few types). Many of these bugs are very small and have come in with something that was purchased at the store. It could be from cereal, pet foods, bird seed and many other products. This is a link from a University that gives information and may help identify the bugs doing the damage and how care for the panty to help get rid of the bugs:

For now I suggest going through the cabinet and getting rid of any grains or items that the bugs can come in. Make sure that anything that you feel can be salvaged can be frozen for at least 3-4 days. Using glass and plastic to store items will remove the food source of cardboard. Vacuuming can help and make sure you get rid of the bugs, but get rid of the vacuum bag when done. You will also want to check other rooms for things being chewed. If you cannot get this under control you may have to have an exterminator out to identify the insect causing the damage and have them help you eradicate them. Mice are also prime candidates for chewing cardboard, you would see droppings in the house if it was mice. Please let me know if I can further assist you. Joan


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