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how can I get to reset my code on sentry s3877.

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how can I get to reset my code on sentry s3877.
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to try to help today.

A couple of questions as I prepare the best response to your situation...

1) I see you have a Sentry safe - Do you still have the master combination to your safe (the one that came with the safe on the information page) or is that the one you have forgotten?

2) How soon do you need into the safe? The process I may need to send will take some time (7-10 days) so before providing solutions need to know if this is something that can allow for some time or if you need into the safe immediately.

Thanks - please update with those responses and I will get a response back with your options right away.

Hello again, I wanted to ensure that you received an answer on this quickly so I am sending the directions on how to get your master combination from Sentry. If you need immediate entry, you will need to contact a local locksmith (as they can more quickly verify your identity) - if you provide me with your city and state, I can help track down one who is reputable and should be able to quickly help. The easiest, and cheapest, route though is the steps below if you have some time before the safe is needed to be opened.

Luckily you have a Sentry as they are great at providing the missing combination. However, you have to prove your safe ownership to Sentry using the steps below in order to get the combination - there is no work around to this. If you contact a locksmith to open, they would be the ones verifying your safe ownership and could get it quicker for you but without a locksmith handling this as a middle man, the notary form directions below are the quickest (and most cost effective) means to get your master combination.

Unfortunately, Sentry safes do not have a skeleton combination that works on all safes or a way to reset to any type of "default" combination. In order to open the safe, the master combination is going to need to be used. There is not an override code for a Sentry Safe and you must get the original master combination in order to open the safe.

Here are the directions to get your combination from Sentry. These steps are needed in order to prove your identity and ownership of the safe. You would not want someone to steal your safe and then just provide the serial number and model number over the Internet (both on the outside of the safe) and be able to gain entry to it. Sentry has these requirements for everyone but they have good customer service for their customers.


You will need to click on the "Download Notary Form" there on the page - download and fill out all the information on that form and have it notarized (this is proving your identity for Sentry). You then mail or fax that sheet to Sentry at the provided location.

You can also directly download the needed notary form here:

Within a few days after they receive the notarized form, you will receive the combination.Unfortunately, this is the only method that Sentry allows in retrieving combinations. If you need further followup, please hit reply.

I highly recommend once you get the combination to go on and register your safe. In that way, if you ever forget your combination again, you can just log in and instantly retrieve it from the site.

If you need any followup, just hit Reply to Expert (do not rate)... I deal with Sentry regularly on these issues and you should not have any troubles - the main thing is to get the form notarized by a notary with a different last name than your own to prove ownership.

Have a wonderful week and all the best to you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please make sure that I am only changed

$28.00 for this service and nothing more

Thank you and have a good day.....

Sorry you were disappointed with my service (as I am only credited when you are satisfied - a rating of Okay or higher).

This is one of those situations when, unfortunately, the only answer available is one that is considered "bad news." Unfortunately, Sentry does not have a master code. Every safe has its own master combination and only Sentry has access to that information.

They require everyone to prove their identity. You would not want someone to be able to steal your safe and then just give the model and serial number and get your combination on the Internet (those numbers are on the outside). Therefore, identity is required to be proven before that master combination is provided.

Again, I do wish you all the best and hope that even though my answer was not what you were really "wanting" to hear that you realize it was the only possible solution in this instance.

Have a great rest of the weekend and I wish you all the best.

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