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Hello,I am not being able to find the flight schedule from

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I am not being able to find the flight schedule from London Heathrow airport to Liverpool John Lennon airport (and back) during the month of September. Can you help?
Hi again, Pateel and welcome back to Just Answer.

This is Cher; I had helped you with a question last night.

I'm sorry it took so long for you to receive an answer on this question.

From my research, it seems that there may not be any flights from Heathrow to John Lennon Liverpool and that may be why you couldn't find any. I found the following site, which lists flights to Liverpool in September, but only from London's Gatwick, Luton International, and London City airports. Heathrow is not listed:

Also, since you didn't mention any specific dates in September or any particular airline, I
entered some random dates on this website (Orbitz) and again, all that came up were flights from Gatwick or Birmingham airports, none from Heathrow: .key=London%2C+GB+%28LON%29&ar.rt.leaveSlice.originRadius=80.0+mi&_ar.rt.leaveSlice.originRadius=0&ar.rt.leaveSlice.dest.key=Liverpool%2C+GB+%28LPL%29&_ar.rt.leaveSlice.destinationRadius=0&[0]=&ar.rt.child[1]=&ar.rt.child[2]=&ar.rt.child[3]=&ar.rt.child[4]=&ar.rt.child[5]=&ar.rt.child[6]=&ar.rt.child[7]=&_ar.rt.nonStop=0&_ar.rt.narrowSel=0&ar.rt.narrow=airlines&ar.rt.carriers[0]=&ar.rt.carriers[1]=&ar.rt.carriers[2]=&ar.rt.cabin=C&search=Search+Flights

As unbelievable as it seems, there may not be any flights from Heathrow to John Lennon, Liverpool. If you can fly out of any of the other airports mentioned, it's a possibility, but it seems awfully expensive and the flights are not short. I think it might be better for you to take the train, as we discussed in my answer last night (by the way, thank you for the positive rating! : )); it certainly seems more economical and the trip is only 2-2½ hours.

If I can help you any further, please click "Reply".

If you found my answer helpful, please provide a Positive Rating so I am credited by the site for my work. Thank you! Laughing

Warmest regards,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. You're right, I'm taking the train:)



Hi again, Pateel and you're most welcome!

It's always my pleasure to be of help to you! I'm glad you're taking the train, and have a great time in Liverpool! If I lived closer, I'd love to see the home of the Fab Four! : )

Thank you for your positive rating; it is truly appreciated! : )

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.