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If ur on disability in nj can u get life insurance?

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If ur on disability in nj can u get life insurance?


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a General Specialist and would love to assist you. If you are disabled, most Life insurance companies can set you up with some type of life insurance. It is usually based on some medical questions and the way they are answered. You should be able to get Life Insurance from AARP which offers nation wide Life insurance through an underwriting company: Allstate insurance also has life insurance availability by speaking to an agent. Met Life, Prudential and other companies offer various types of life insurance. They key is if you are disabled you have to disclose disabiity or illness and the price you pay for the insurance and type of insurance available will be based on the disability. Some companies with require a physical exam and other companies just ask questions. I would continue to apply and see which company offers a policy to meet your particular needs. There are Term life, whole life and universal life policies. This link will help explain the various policies and hep decide wat you may need:

Please let me know if you need further help an I will be happy to continue with you. Joan

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