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What face protector would protect specifically the nose, cheeckbones

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What face protector would protect specifically the nose, cheeckbones and chin?

I do krav maga (Israeli self defense) and would like to protect these three areas when I am training. However Id rather no wear those headgears that cover the whole face, since they are uncomfortable

My name isXXXXX am very familiar with Krav and have trained myself in muay thai and brazilian jiu-jitsu so I understand fully what you are looking for. I am also a physiologist and rehabilitation science specialist and have seen a lot of impact injuries from various sports and martial arts.

Can I be very honest with you in your answer ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


OK well in that case, there are a couple of things. I am providing this answer to the absolute best of my knowledge in the aforementioned subjects.

Frankly - stick with full headgear, its considerably safer and will allow you to train much more aggressively once you get past the discomfort and your headgear is broken in properly.

Unless you wanted to go with a strap-on style nose protector like what is used in basketball after a nose fracture, you are going to be limited to full face. If you went with this, you would still need to find something for the chin and cheeks, but there is no secure, consistent way to attach protection to these areas without wrapping around the head.

The other part to this is there not anything that protects the bony prominences of the face, cheeks, nose etc.. while not covering or attaching to the opposite side.

I would try something from RevGear which I have purchased both headgear and shin/instep guards from. My gloves are from a different brand only because at the time of purchase I don't think revgear had gloves. Also this brand has now been time tested, starting out with only basics, now with a ton of awesome quality gear. Awesome brand.

So while I know its not what you were hoping to hear, there isn't an MMA/Krav style headgear that protects the bony prominences of the cheek,chin and nose without being a full headgear because there wouldn't be reliability in producing soemthing that wouldnt stay secured to the head.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the answer Mike.

The reason I didnt want to get a full headgear was because my intention was to use it for drills (by myself or with a partner).

So since it is not full combat I though a headgear was going to be uncomfortable.

Do you happen to havr any link to comfortable headgears covering thode 3 areas?

And what is that basketball protector for the nose you mentioned before?



So here is the nose guard I typically see in basketball - I couldn't think of the player who used to wear it for quite a while after his injury but here you go.

And then the only thing I have ever seen that wasnt a full headgear but protected those 3 areas was this face protector from Cliff Keen -

Aside from the cuts that can happen with striking, the nose is the least robust of the promineneces on the face. Obviously I am sure you wearing a mouthguard when training and drilling and that eliminates(assuming youre clenching the jaw to stablize) some of the factors against the jaw itself but to protect the jaw something would need to wrap around the back of the head near the crown(similar to the driection a football helmets chin strap goes around the chin and over the crown of the head).

Otherwise I would really honestly suggest sticking with the boxing style headgear I linked to previously( in the event training drills gets a bit mroe intense and something happens, you will be thankful over the ones that protect less. Plus compared to the full face with the clear shield that I am used to seeing in KG training(the hockey helmet style) you can see have full spatial awareness.

What do you think?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Mike. Sorry about the wait.

Just to finish up, do you know where to get that nose protector basketball player use?

And what do you think of this chin guard?

No problem,

That chin strap is specifically designed for helmets. You can tell because of the snaps on the end of them. I think its good otherwise, shockdoctor has come a long way.

If you aren't doing so already, I would also pick up a mouthguard, or better yet have your dentist custom mold one - these are much better than boil and bite.

You can get it from Walmart. Keep in mind, this is going to help against a frontal impact, however a strong lateral impact will probably make the mask shift a bit on your face.
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