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Grapevines which bear purple grapes at our leased home have

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Grapevines which bear purple grapes at our leased home have been infested with white flies and red mites; treated several times with product containg ingredient from chrysanthemums, but lots of dead leaves and a couple of bunches of the (already) purple grapes are shriveling up. What needs to be done to save the vines, and whom do (we) get to do it? Live in Oakhurst, CA, near Yosemite.
Hello. Did you get above average rain this summer? What kind of soil is under the vines? How would you describe the aeration around the vines?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


1. no above average rain. Although we just moved here in March; July was extremely hot, and I watered much more than in spring.

2. infestation identified as white flies and red mites, sprayed 4 times, but leaves keep dying and as I wrote before, now some grapes are shriveling;

3. very well established vines, per landlord; unfortunately the vines grow next to the supports for the deck, and the area is covered in river rock with soil in between. No 'basin' or circular area for watering. I water twice a week, per instructions from landlord.

THE PROBLEM, as I understand it, is that the landlord (lives in Oregon) did not remind the maintenance man to spray in the spring, to stay ahead of this infestation.

Thank you,


White flies are common in space too protected from wind. There is miticides available in some nursery and hardware store. Personally i use soapy water that i spray (dish soap). For white fly i get good result with sprayed vinegar.

If you can get you hand on some earwigs and spiders and install them in the vines, it would help to control. Earwigs climb on them but do an especially good job on and in the ground.

I don't think they will die. They will at worst defoliate and grow back once the parasites dispersed.
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