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My uncle, Andrew Lawson, was a civilian engineer on the Manhattan

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My uncle, Andrew Lawson, was a civilian engineer on the Manhattan Project. I have been told he received a letter of thanks from President Truman and perks ie. free travel within the USA.
Is it possible to apply for a copy of this letter (if there is one). I have tried different sites on the Manhattan Project listing personnel but his name does not come up.
He worked for the Chicago Link Belt Company. He was picked because he had a photographic memory and was put in charge of six other groups each in a different State to memorize their blueprints.
He emigrated from Scotland to America in 1923 and died in 1952.

Hope you can help,
Moira Oldfield
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Fantastic piece of history within your family and I understand how something like this letter would be of interest to you and others.

While not knowing if the letter is available as a copy, I have thought of two suggestions to contact. One of which is the Harry S Truman Library. Presidential libraries have wonderful librarians who might be able to guide you to locate the letter if a copy is available. Their contact information is below:

Another suggestion is to see about using the services of independent researchers who can offer to research the letter for you. Their information is listed below:

I wish you success in finding the letter as your family would be happy I am sure to have this for future generations.

Librarian Michael
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