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I am flying from Providence RI to Cancun Mexico in Sept on

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I am flying from Providence RI to Cancun Mexico in Sept on Delta. I will be
Checking in 2 suitcases but the third will cost $150 and I don't think they will
Take a box. I will need to send either 2 additional boxes or 2 suitcases with personal
Belongings and want to know how I can ship them internationally to Cancun
At a reasonable price. I am trying to bring a few paintings that won't fit in a
Thank you
Hello. My name is Michael (in Providence! ironically). You are correct about them letting you take the box - they would take it provided it were within the size restriction, but if it won't fit in a suitcase then bringing it with you isn't an option. When these are packed up, what will be the approximate size and weight of each one? Also, would you be insuring them?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am in Cancun right now ,not in hi Michael,
that's too funny that you are in Providence. I am in Cancun right now,
not in Providence so I don't know the measurements. To fit the paintings I would guess it would be approx 50" tall , 30-40" wide and 12" deep but thats just a guess. Also depends on what size box I can purchase. I was planning on putting additional belongings in the box with the paintings and packing another box or suitcase if it was at a reasonable cost. I assume the weight would be about the same as the airlines, 50 pounds.
Lynn, I just checked rates by a few different carriers for something that size and weight and the prices are absolutely outrageous. Because of the size, the freight charges are based on dimensional weight (in this case the proportions of the package cause the cost to approximately double). And even before that penalty, the cost is extremely high, even for "economy". I've checked a few different carriers, and they range from $600-$750USD for each package (for 7-10 day transit time). I've explored shipping belongings internationally vs. bringing them on a number of occaisions, and although I did have to do it once, it was at a considerable expense over what I would have paid for excess baggage. (never THAT much more, but expensive)

I'm don't consider that practical, but if you do, let me know and I can give you the information. This price makes the added baggage fee of the airline seem like a bargain. But again, that would require that the paintings could fit into about the same volume area as a suitcase. It does vary slightly by airline, but each one does have very specific information about maximum dimensions and weights. Have you considered removing them from the frames? If you could do that, you may be able to bring the paintings and the frames more easily.

There is another option that I have used a couple of times - it's something the airlines do called "counter to counter" shipping. They don't have advertised rates for it, as far as I am aware, and the shipments that I did were quite some time ago - before 2001. Doing this now requires you to register with the Department of Homeland Security in their "Known Shipper" program (It seems that nothing is simply any more). Fortunately, the registration is a single page application and can be obtained from the airline. Here is an example of a known shipper request with Delta:

Of the options you have to ship to Cancun, it appears that traveling with the items may be the most cost effective, even with the extra charge. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok Mike that was very helpful. Thanks so much

ynn, purely by chance today, I discovered a site that ships luggage. Of course you were the first person I thought of! I first saw that they ship golf clubs for golfers traveling to tournaments. Makes sense. I look into it a little and found that they'll do it with anything you might normally bring on a plane. It seems to be much less expensive than shipping. Here is the link if you want to check it out.