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hello. I have a formula. ∂³∑x² What is this describing?

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hello. I have a formula. ∂³∑x² What is this describing? For example, pi x r2 is the area of a circle. Thanks.

This is just for fun. :D
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

I see right off the bat that this is the name given to the doctor in the Dr. Who television show.

Possibilities are endless with the explanation of what it could stand for.

Here are some suggestions given by others who claim to have possibly figured this out (then again it may mean nothing and just there to make the fans wonder!)

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You are good. ^_^

Yes it is, and this is supposed to be a moniker he got in College.

I got to beginning Calculus but I never learned enough to know what the letters, symbols would mean mathematically.

Since I have an unlimited subscription, i thought I though it would be fun to do.


So lets pretend it was sitting by its self on a board, and it has nothing to do with the doctor. Mathematically, would it be talking about?


Can you break it down for me? What concept the symbols talk about?

Thanks. :)

Afraid I got as far as geometry in school so my understanding of calculus is next to nothing.

Tried starting to research the first symbol "∂" but had little to no luck.

The link here lists the various math symbols and this one symbol does show up along with others in an equation:

I hope that this list of symbols might be helpful to you in order to at least see what each means. From everything I have read, the writers of the show have not given an exact meaning for the name of the doctor in terms of this equation. Maybe why the show has been going on for these many years!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX was very helpful.


To break it down, the cursive looking "d" is delta or change that happens in respect to something else. Change.


Cubed is 3D, 3 dementional. So it would be something that is 3 Dementional that brings change to something. In this case we are talking about a person, Dr. Who. So a person who brings change.


The funny looking "E", means the summation of. Like you have a string of numbers you are adding up. LIke 5+2+7+8 and you get the summation of it. Or 22. This is calculus so it could be describing events. So Could be a person who is bring change to an event or set of events. Like a doctor or a mentor. Someone helping you grow.

(Could be negative too. Like someone who commits murder. Etc. But the doctor is a good "man". So its a good thing.)


So you have a "person who brings change" to " an event or series of events" (x) -(thing, event to plug in) squared. Or a big change.


That's kind of cool.


That's what the Doctor does. ^_^


That's true, that the writer's really didn't give a clear name to him. I think the first writer, was trying to make the Doctor some mysterious person, that is kind of outside events, bigger than, and math would kind of describe it. And it sounded cool.


Since the doctor came from a war, war-torn zone, it would make sense that he wouldn't want his real name known, to protect himself. Kind of like how a spy takes on antimony to protect himself and operate.


It's a big like unmasking Batman, eh? (Maybe we should call him Bruce. ^_^)


You should check out this youtube "post".


They made it long before they would have the upcoming "name of the doctor" episode. My personal favorite is where you take the symbols literally and make them letters and get Pheet! It's a cute nick name. :)

One guy translated it as "The name that kills". I don't know where on earth he would get that. That would fit into the story line of the religion trying to prevent his name coming to light. (The religion almost sounds like a bunch of rabid Dr. Who fans.) XD


You know when a question gets answered, silence does fall. ^_^








Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I forgot to add one bit more. The doctor is Jewish.


The Hebrew language is closer to math than "english". It makes it different from another other language.

The doctor's name is XXXXX XXXXX he's Jewish. :)


The reason they did give for not giving his name is XXXXX XXXXX said that it's in his home language and something very hard for humans to pronounce.


It reminds me of the mermaid, Madison, in the movie Splash, who tried to tell the guy her name in her language, and made all those dolphin sounds and broke televisions. She picked an English name that would be easy for him to say. And so did the doctor.


The Doctor. :)

Thank you for the YouTube link. Glad also that the chart was helpful. Let's hope the doctor has more adventures planned!

Librarian Michael

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