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For joan: Hi Joan. I am looking to get a very potent double

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For joan:

Hi Joan. I am looking to get a very potent double portable hotplate (I think it's what it's called).
I went to a discount store in Manhattan and got one that was terrible. Doesn't heat up much.
I want one that heats up quick.
Would you provide me with the link to a website thst has the cheapest price?
I don't mind if it is used.



I just got the notification and will start searching for a double burner hotplate for you. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks : )


I just did some research and found 3 different brands that I think would work well and are reliable for your needs. They are all sold burner which are much safer than the old calrod coil type burners. You can view the three different ones here:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Refurbished
Kaloric on Overstock
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ebay New Deni


My personal choice is the Oster brand. They have an excellent replacement policy and using ebay you have the Protection extra warranty available for two years and their dispute policy if there is any problems.

Pleas let me know if theseare what you are looking for. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Joan.
Thanks for the advice!
May I ask where you found those models and the reviews about them?
The thing is that I found on Amazon these brands to have bad/ okay reviews.


I do not necessarily use Amazon for reviews. I personally have used the Oster burner with great success. We Live in Fl, where the hurricanes can knock out power and use the Oster two burner and several other of their products with a Generator so we can cook. I usually will cook for the my family and the neighbors. I base my suggestion of the Oster double burner on experience and for a cheaper double burner it is the best value for the money, plus Oster is great about resolving any problems you may have with a product. The other one that is quite a bit more would be the Waring Double Burner which the review is here:


This is a link for reviews:

The Waring is the best because of the 1300 watt heating power, but this review goes over the pros and cons for each. I was trying to find you the best Double Burner for the lowest price, and that is where Ifeel Oster was good. Black and Decker also makes one, but I am concerned because they still use a coil burner. The ceramic style or solid burner heats more evenly.


This is the link for Waring:


The kaloric and Deni, I contacted a friend who owns an appliance store and suggested them as cheaper, but work well.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Joan.

So the best wattage Waring has?

Id like to get the best wattage and get the lowest price. That is why I could go with a used one.

What is the lowest price for a used with good reviews (the seller)?


Thanks again


Waring has the 1500 watt and that is a good standard for a double burner. I would not buy an appliance like this used because of safety. It is very easy for a used unit like this if not cared for to short out and we do not want any accidents.

I did find a new one online for $72.00 on Amazon:

Home Depot:



I found a used Waring double burner for $55.00 newly listed free shipping on ebay:

The new ones listed on Ebay are higher priced than the two I gave you above. Joan

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