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Hi,I am curious as to how these nootropic (brain enhancing

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I am curious as to how these nootropic (brain enhancing drug) companies get their products manufactured? For example, who manufactures and packages NZT.1? or perhaps AlphaBrain . I am looking to start a nootropic company, but, I am unaware as to how to source a proper manufacturer who can package and manufacture the pills.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX you for the excellent question.

I actually have a lot of experience and research in the supplement industry.

Your answer is pretty easy to understand and breaksdown as follows.

These Nootropic pills aren't really considered drugs. They are classified as supplements and as such have zero FDA regulation which is why they can claim whatever they want but more importantly can claim to have X amounts of each thing on the label, but they don't have to hold true to the label claims - unfortunately.. Basically these 2 products are considered "private label" where a bottler and pill "assembler" takes the designated mixture, puts them in capsules. The reason it's called a private label is because the information is held in confidence. The exception MIGHT be on the bottles themselves where they say "bottled" or "manufactured by" the company. You see this with private label food sometimes but obviously would need to have this in hand. There is a chance they are both made in house - in fact that may actually save them some money considering how cheap some bulk ingredients can be.

Your first thing is to research sources and pricing for the individual ingredients you want in your formula. I utilize nootropics and really have found that i am response to alcar, vinpocetine and huperzine A along with some of the racitam family. A REALLLLLLY good thing you could base your formula off of is called Focus XT by SNS. They market toward studying and sports performance but I use this for work, the non caffinated version. Its seriously impressive to me - I add in my own ALCAR. You should also be able to find private labelers and those that do this for a living if you find you don't want to do the "manufacturing" yourself. The other part to this is that you can request sample material so you can see how good or poor each bottler is in regard to the process.

The actual label is more than likely a combination of marketing and graphic design, perhaps possibly even separate from the actual company that creates and bottles the mixture.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the response, just wondering if you were aware of any contract manufacturers for nootropics or a company that could bottle or package the product (or any pill for that instance)?

Sure Bryce there are plenty - I will get you started with a few good ones. Just give me a bit

Actually why dont you provide a zip code so I can find a couple local ones potentially too.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Mike,

I'm in Sydney, post code 2020.
Ok so I found a few I think should be appropriate. One thing I would do immediately is starting writing a template email stating your initial needs in a manufacturer. This way you can batch send this template email without wasting time with explaining everything with a custom email but then that would allow you to weed out the ones who may not fit your needs for packaging. Also keep in mind nootropics are now widely used in whole and in part in sports performance supplements and pre-workout drinks. So exploring that avenue may reap good benefits as well

I would ask all the questions you need as far as ensuring quality, but also to make sure you are comfortable with the company and the facility. Requesting sample material is a good idea, as well as perhaps touring the facility if they allow it. I would also find out if they are 'in house' meaning they don't subcontract out to another company and then just market.
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