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How many producing oil wells are there in the Eagle Ford Shale

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How many producing oil wells are there in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas?
How many producing gas wells are there in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas?
What are the monthly trends in oil and gas production in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas?
What artificial lift techniques are used to produce the wells in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas?
What are the trends in the use of artificial lift techniques in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas?
There were 1262 producing oil leases on schedule in 2012.
There were 875 producing gas wells on schedule in 2012

Artificial Lift techniques used on the Eagle Ford Shale includ rod pump, electric submersible pump or gas lift. For de-watering gas wells, the plunger lift has become the preferred method, followed closely by LV pumps (Low volume) which have performed better than originally anticipated, with field tests showing marked increases in fluid removal and gas production.

However the The trend toward greater emphasis on developing oil versus natural gas over the 12 months has increased demand for beam and rod pumping-related products. So the primary artificial lifts currenly in use are beam/rod pumping for oil and gas lift/gas well dewatering for gas.

There is a great deal of additional information in the following two resources:
Eagle Ford Information (this is the official site)

And for everything not on the official site, there is a forum dedicated solely to the Eagle Ford Shale.
Eagle Ford Forums

This is a complex topic but the volume and depth of information available is impressive, especially considering the first well drilled there was in 2008!

Also, I'm uploading the Final Report for Eagle Ford Shale 2012:
Eagle Ford Shale 2012 Final Report

It's regarding the economic impact of the Eagle Ford Shale and has a tremendous amount of data in it if you need supporting information.

Please let me know if you have any questions or you need information that I haven't covered.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX good information. Can you find the trend in monthly oil and gas production for the period from 2011 to 2013?

Can you find the number of wells lifted by sucker rod pumping, electrical submersible pumping, gas-lift, and plunger lift?

Yes. I can certainly do the research and get it to you. It may take some time, meaning I may file a suggested price increase for the additional work... Or we could address it in a new question... If you don't have a subscription then it might be more economical just to consider leaving a bonus afterwards. Its up to you. I don't mind sorting through the info. I'm actually really impressed by the body of knowledge amassed on this whole "project". I don't know if that's the right name for it...
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please answer the second question I just asked.

Did you previous reply? I have to research it for you but the terms of service on the site do not allow keep expanding the scope of the question without the answer that covers the first question being rated. I am doing the research for you now. But this research falls outside of the scope of the original question, which I believe I answered. I will finish it and give you the information. Just please keep that in mind.

hese are the detailed production numbers for natural gas. I haven't found the numbers for oil production in this detail yet. Specific data sets like this can be allusive. But here's one.
At the end of below you will see the chart for detailed gas.production figures. I'm the lower left is the spreadsheet with the data. Just click to download.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You said that there was a spreadsheet link but there isn't one. I think this has gone far enough so let's end this project.

If you go to the link at the top of my last reply it will bring you to a page with a chart on it. To the bottom left of the chart is a link to the spreadsheet.