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Cher, Educator-40+ yrs
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My SOP ..Please review it.I need to apply to a University.I

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My SOP ..Please review it.I need to apply to a University.

I always had a research/entrepreneurial bent of mind. Even when I was a kid, I would come up with my own solutions to challenging problems in algebra, geometry etc. I would spend hours and hours trying to understand the different subtleties in Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Mathematics on my own rather than taking external help. Whenever I would solve or understand a complex problem or phenomenon, I would get a feeling of eureka.

During my engineering, I got opportunity to work on Fortran, Pascal and C. After engineering, I worked with Tata Consultancy Services in different technologies like Unix, Pro C, PL/SQL ,Oracle warehouse builder, Oracle Discoverer, Microstrategy, Java etc.
My current IT job spanning over 12 years has given me an opportunity to travel abroad, gain experience and appreciate importance of IT systems and their critical role in workflow management in various industrial practices like Health, Shipping, Logistics, Banking etc. The details are listed in the resume for reference.
During my academic and professional period, I had several moments of highs and lows. One moment of great academic satisfaction was when I stood eighth in State Talent Search Exam in the entire city of Chandigarh among at least ten thousand students. I still do not forget that incident when my engineering professor appreciated my problem solving ability in Microprocessor class of sixty students. Due to my high performance, my superiors also recommended me for a Corporate Training Program (Health Care) at Imperial College London.
There were also moments when I felt low because of peer pressure and family problems. But my vast work experience has made me emerge stronger as a person It has helped me build good business acumen across several industries. It has developed my people skills as well as requirement gathering skills. I believe I can build better technical acumen through the graduate program offered by your university.
My motivation to pursue MS is to add convenience, efficiency and organization in the lives of the people by providing innovative solutions to cumbersome problems. By doing MS, I will get the required depth in the field of software and computer science. This will help me achieve my goal of starting a new venture (profitable or non-profitable).
Technology empowers people. Importance of IT can be realized by the impact it has on us in our daily lives. I want to create something innovative and be a social entrepreneur by empowering people with the tools to create convenience and add efficiency,e.g. creating a web portal where like-minded people can share time, goods, services and knowledge. They can also look for funding/partnerships for their new projects. A venture, where service becomes fun and a mode of people participation rather than a mode of monetary transaction. Also one which is eco friendly and socially responsible like Google's corporate motto "Don't be evil".
I believe my degree in MS and interest in web and database technologies would be a step in that direction. The academic skills gained will help me accomplish my above stated dream. It will help me rediscover the Eureka moment.
It would also help me develop an academic career by sharing the academic advantage with my colleagues/groups/students. A collaboration between students, alumni and department as offered by your university is always essential for a successful graduate program. The school experience gained would advance my research abilities that I found missing in my corporate career.
I am impressed by the strategic and meticulous approach with which the people in the US have built governing systems. During my corporate career, I have worked abroad for almost seven years and now firmly believe that US is not only a technology trendsetter but it also shapes the world economy. Needless to say that the best of research happens here and with that conviction, I want to pursue higher studies here religiously.
I am confident that I would be able to meet the rigorous demands of the study course as I am inherently diligent, curious solution seeker and have many years of work experience in software field. I want to give myself another chance to boost my academic profile and make a difference. I hope that my background, qualifications and work experience will be suitable for pursuing MS in this university.
I firmly believe in Muhammad Ali’s quote “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.”

Hello again, Guarav and welcome back to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you today.

I can help you revise this and I will be back in touch when it's completed.

Do you have a deadline by which you need this?

Best regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks.Please take your time.
Hi again Guarav and thanks for your reply

I appreciate the time allowance. : )

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Cher,


Just wanted to check with you about SOP and see how it is going




Hi again, Gaurav.

Thanks for checking in.

I will have it for you later today.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi again, Gaurav.

Please click HERE to download the file with your revised SOP.

I'm not sure if "MS" referred to the Master of Science degree you are seeking from this University or if it is a type of computer study (I'm not a computer/technological person). I assumed it meant the degree you're seeking, but please read this over carefully and make sure all revisions are within the scope of what you meant to say.

You express yourself very well! : )

If you need any further help, or have questions about my revisions, please let me know. I might be away from the computer for a short while, so I will reply asap when I return, if you have any questions.

If you found my answer helpful, please rate positively, so I am credited by the site for my time and expertise. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX it!

Best regards,

Cher and 15 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much :)

You are most welcome, Gaurav and thanks very much for your Positive rating; it is truly appreciated!

Please feel free to request me for any other questions by beginning your post with "For Cher Only" and I will answer asap.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


No problem, Gaurav.

Please disregard the request for additional information as none is needed at this time.

Best regards,