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A new question is answered every 9 seconds do newspapers get some of their stories? often i read

This answer was rated: do newspapers get some of their stories? often i read about a family or person with an interesting angle, but how would the newspapers or tv find out about it unless the person such an incident happened to called the papers and told them? like the 2 year old who accidentally hit some letters on a keyboard or something and bought a car online....her parents decided to buy and pay for car and give it to her when she is they paid for, how would the papers or tv news even know it supposedly was a 2 year old who typed into computer to buy a car unless the parents called it in?.....or i recently read about some guy finding a very old engagement ring on the would the news organizations find out? did he call them himself and tell them?..........there are many stories every day that only way newspapers or tv news can find out about them is for the person involved to call it that what happens? a lot of people calling in their stories themselves?.........thank you for letting me know....
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help on this question.

Great Question! What are you describing are the "non-national news" type stories that regularly appear on television.

It used to be, in the past, that for these stories to make the news that someone had to call in a tip of the story to the local news station. The station then would see if the issue was "newsworthy" and assign a reporter to the story. Once it was covered locally, depending on the story, it might be picked up on a more national basis.

However, today, that is changing with the advent of social media. Notice how many of the "great tip by customer" stories have hit the news media in the past couple years - either a customer leaving a really nice tip (and story) for the waitress or Denny's giving a free meal to an expectant mother...... These were social media constructed when someone posted a picture to their instagram or twitter account - their friends saw it and started sharing it and it went "viral."

Many national news stories today are picked up by the media in this way. I am not 100% sure on the "Ebay car story with the 2 year old" but I remember seeing it on the news. Either someone called it in themselves or one of the people involved wrote about it on facebook and it spread in a viral way.

I hope this helps. Traditionally these were called in but today the news media has quite a few people watching for "viral" news stories to pick up and run with as well in the media.
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