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J.C.Penney used to sell CD holders (that they called CD lockers)

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J.C.Penney used to sell CD holders (that they called CD lockers) that stored 24 vertically stored 24 CDs and had a small door, that one could open and shut like one would open and shut a refrigerator door, and in the front of this small door was a logo/sticker of a certain professional baseball team. Can the one for The Baltimore Orioles be ordered anywhere where one could buy it with a credit card over the internet or over the phone? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you.

I had a good look around as well and could not find one that you described.

Usually with products like this there is a licensing agreement to use the baseball teams logos and so that means they are usually limited.

Once the store sold out I doubt they manufactured more.

This does not mean you can never get it but it could take awhile to track down.

My advice would be to search every once in awhile, it may turn up there.

I checked through the JC penney online store as well and can find nothing even close but it is possible that they never listed it on the website and it was sold in store only.

Another place to check is as someone could be selling one there as well.

Actually I think this may have been the product:

On the page you will see it says "Custom Logo: Need custom logo printing? Please contact us for details"

Probably what happened is MLB bought a whole bunch of these and had them custom made for the teams and distributed them at KC Penney and maybe some other places.

I suppose you could inquire on the website I gave you to see how much it would cost to have one made. Other than that I think you will need to wait until someone who bought one decides to sell it and the best place for that would be Ebay or Amazon.

Thank you,
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