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Joan, Internet Researcher
Category: General
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Experience:  I believe that knowledge is Power! I would like to try to share my knowledge with others.
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FOR XXXXX XXXXXNINGAN/ JOAN Hi there. What are the best

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Hi there. What are the best combinations of work out resistance bands for a young male looking to get a lot of muscle?
I am looking to get a good combination and need the medium resistance ones as well as the very and ultra resistant ones.
Hi, I'm Josie and I am a moderator for this topic. I sent both of your requested professionals a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online.

If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.


Welcome back and thank-you for requesting me.I can give you some information based on what my son uses for his work outs. He has built himself up gradually has done quite will using Bodylastic Resistance Bands :

These bands are used with the P90X work out and have graduated resistance to meet the needs and help you build your muscles gradually, rather then getting big and if you stop loose all muscle mass. These bands are also a recommended Resistance Band by Cleveland Clinic. These bands have been used for rehab to help reestablish muscle memory and to build muscle mass.

This link gives you the top Resistance Bands Comparison, Reviews, and prices:

I did ask my son about which he felt was the best and he said Bodylastics are what he uses and he felt that they offer the best graduated work out. I do want to add he uses the resitance bands, but he also goes to the Gymn several times a week to work on the machines, treadmill and to work free weights, so he balances his work out. He is a Black Belt Martial Arts instructor and very disciplined in his work outs. I hope this information is helpful. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Joan. Thanks for the answer. places to buy the first link option for me:

The super stong man edition.


And also the ones from the comparison chart?

The cheaper the better. I dont even mind if they're used.


Thanks : )


I do not suggest used Restance Bands. They can be problematic, so new is the best way for the Resitance Bands. These are links for the Bands:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sistance-Bands-STRONG-MAN-XT-STACKABLE-Set-262-LBS-with-8-anti-snap-exercise-tubes-Heavy-Duty-components-carrying-case-DVD-and-FREE-6-month-membership-to-LIVEEXERCISE-website-B006O0GDMO/?ref=5SNSiS1tBnUx


The first link is Amazon and seems to be the best price and easiest to order from.



I found one more site for you to look at and compare:

Hope the sites help.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you know between the super strong one and the mega resistance set what the difference would be?
Is it just the number of bands or also the actual resistance?

And do you know any cheaper website for the mega resistance one?



The difference is the amount of resitance offered. I think you would be fine with the super strong, unless you wanted more resistance. I searched high and low and even looked for a Discount Coupon that could be used, with no luck. The sites above are the ones I found were the cheapest. I think the Amazon site was the best that I had found and I think that is where my son got his. They have Amazon Prime trial offer that will give you free shipping, and then you can cancel it after they have been shipped. The price is pretty standard on the Resitance bands, since they are beinging used at Gymns, by trainers and by at home users. Joan

Joan, Internet Researcher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 18216
Experience: I believe that knowledge is Power! I would like to try to share my knowledge with others.
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