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i have a full time job that keeps me very busy.but i m also

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i have a full time job that keeps me very busy.but i m also looking to buy some business that doesnt require me to take care of it full time. The budget i have it 50k. What are some of the businesses that one can buy/start that would require little supervision and can run independently?
Hello and welcome. One that i see often and would fit what you have is an established lawn care operation. A lawn tractor and a manual one plus some weed eater, a pickup truck with a trailer, 2 employees and your are set for 50K. If the employee mess up, nothing very expensive to settle as the lawn will grow back.

It sure is easier if you start something you know well and have an interest in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

but this definately requires a lot of marketing since you have to be able to build the client base. is there any business that is a necessity to everyone and doesnt require much effort?

Note that i mentioned "an established lawn care operation". Not only you get client right away but also remove at least one competitor.

"is there any business that is a necessity to everyone and doesn't require much effort?" It would be convenient :) The reality is that such thing exist but are already crowded so margin are not really worth it. Because of that you have to find something very unusual or something nobody thought.

One of such example is a guy i met one day. He was the only provider of peanut vending machine /distributor. I was amazed at the profitability of those. He only needed to go install them at public and commercial space (with a shared revenue scheme) and go fill them from time to time and collect the money. No employee needed.

Again, hard to think of something without knowing your taste and aptitude, your time available etc..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

vending machine business sounds to be a good fit. can you send more info on it.

It depend of what you want to sell. Usually you look for equipment (used or refurbished if possible to allow a profit the faster possible). You also need a pickup truck to be able to spread the machines on the territory and bring them in for maintenance. You usually buy those directly from manufacturer and you can get them often on craiglist.

The profitability is decided by how high you put the price and the quality of the product and the cost to attain them. The more you buy, the less it cost, so if you can do a partnership with a similar business outside of your territory it would be worth it (you can lower the cost of goods a good 4% that way and even more).

Dry things (and chocolate) are less work than moist product, so don't think about doing sandwich or anything requiring important refrigeration. Juice is easy but also heavy.

Don't install any in place where vandal are present. It is better than install them in a place that always have some customer over time than in a place with a big rush and then nobody for a long time for that reason.

As with any operation, nothing is always pink and here is a bad story:
So you need to really evaluate your partner before investing and never start too big. Vending machine scale well but if you can't be profitable with 10, you will not be profitable with 100.
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