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Barrister, Attorney
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Its a mortgage question: Im refinancing. Probably about

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I't's a mortgage question:
I'm refinancing. Probably about two months later than i should have but I'm refinancing. I plan to close on the 8th of July. My old mortgage was due today so i paid it. When should my next mortgage payment be due?
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I used to be a closing attorney for 4 different closing companies and they will usually arrange the payments to fall either at the beginning or the middle of the month. If you are actually closing on the 8th of July, then they typically prorate the payments out so that they are due on either the 1st or the 15th. There is always a month's lag between a refinance and when the first payment is due. So if they prorate to the 15th, then you wouldn't have to make a payment until Sept 15th.
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