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Will the TSA xray of an heirloom family bible damage the b

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Will the TSA xray of an heirloom family bible damage the book?
Hello and welcome.

No the book will not be damaged by xray. They are even considered a non destructive mean to probe ancient painting to discover ancient layers.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, Martin. That's what I thought, but the bible can't be replaced, so wanted to make sure. That is why it will be hand carried rather than shipped or checked in luggage.
Carrying it with you is the better thing to do. The dangerous thing about X ray is that they can change the structure of the DNA strand in living cells. They can do the same in the dead cells of paper but as they are no longer living they are no longer duplicating cell that can propagate a DNA defect.

What you have to fear for books is humidity and contamination by silverfish insects (they eat books). If you can put the bible in a tyvek envelope (to protect from liquid but still allow it to breath
and then in a loose bubble wrap material or foam or wrapped in many layer of wool and finally put in a rigid container that don't trap humidity, it would give a fairly good protection.
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