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This is a feng shui question, the oriental craft of design

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This is a feng shui question, the oriental craft of designing a living space so as to smooth the movement of a good spiritual force and block a malignant one. My bedroom has two doors, one to a bathroom and the other an entrance. These two doors occupy one corner of the bedroom, and are positioned side by side at an angle of ninety degrees to each other. My question involves the position of the bed. The foot of the bed is facing the two doors, but neither door is DIRECTLY in line with the bed. That is because I have the head of the bed placed in the corner of the bedroom opposite the two doors, so as to form a triangular space between the head of the bed and that corner of the bedroom. I believe that the bed is safely placed as regards XXXXX XXXXX doors. Is that correct?

Hello and welcome. From what i understand of the feng shui concept (and a lot is let to interpretation), it is OK as long as the bed head have a backing. There is no rigid rules, so you can picture a flowing river in your mind going trough your house coming from the main door. Imagine the turbulence and the place with too much current, you don't want those. You want to be the fish that stay retreated in a spot where he don't have to do much effort get oxygen from the water (so no directly in face of the current and not in a dead low current oxygen mixing spot either).

If you want to play the game to the max you can place object in a box simulating your room proportion and door placement and all the object with approximated box and then slowly flood that model in a bath or pool and look at the pattern in the water (the more light the more pattern to see). You would then have the closest you can get to a scientific simulation of the concept (minus the mirror as they don't react to the water like the chi does).
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is a headboard at the head of the bed. In my imagined view of your flooding model the water entering the bedroom will flow into the bathroom and also out into the bedroom itself. The branching current causes a gyre in the space between the two doors and the foot of the bed.

That movement of the "chi" leaves my bed untouched, while providing a close proximitry to the movement of the force. I think that's why I have been concerned; thanks for the fluid model of the living space.

A gyre is not really a problem, it is just chi stuck that is not "used". Every movement that is circular should be good if not too fast. The problem is usually with angular and squarish movement (a bit like in a tubing system, it can possibly cause ram effect and wave interference pattern).