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cant find exterminator in list, so hope I can get help

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can't find exterminator in list, so hope I can get help here...found 5&1/2 foot snake in backyard under some wood...getting ready to clean up back yard...need to know how to check for snakes before I start removing junk...don't want to startle snakes, and sure don't want snakes surprising me ! !
Scary situation and something nobody wants to encounter in their yard.

Conducted some research this morning and put together some keys to follow in terms of keeping your yard snake free:

1. Snakes are looking for food and shelter so clearing areas where they would be looking for these things is a first start. Removing any food such as pet food and keep all types of food in tight sealed containers.

2. They like cool, damp places to hide so close any areas that are at least 1/4 in in diameter. This would include windows, doors, vents send drains.

3. In terms of wood or any types of debris outside such as tall grass or weeds, clear those out as snakes like to use these areas for shelter. You can also put together a snake proof fence:

Clearing the yard is an ongoing project since it is difficult to keep snakes out entirely. They may already be living in your yard or just passing through. Clearing the yard oh hiding places as well as food sources will help. Keep things cleared and no large piles of things like wood, bricks, stones etc. Keeping lawn mowed even will also help.

You may also wish to contact a rodent extermination company to come out to check around your yard.
Michael and 38 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have a big dog in back yard, and he's the one that alerted me to far he has not found any more, or has not acted like he you think the one snake 'was' just passing through...I have started cleaning yard up, and haven't seen any more snakes, so far.

Good thing to have the dog in your yard to warn you for potential hazards such as snakes, larger animals as well as security protection.

Cleaning up the yard is the first step from all the research I have reviewed. Making sure there are no hiding spots for snakes to be comfortable to stay. Be sure to wear something to cover your hands, arms etc when working around confined areas where a hiding space could be for something like a snake.

Best to be on guard for any potential visits but since you and your dog have not found any (and no history of snakes in general it sounds like), that the reptile was just passing by.
Michael and 38 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
well...apparently I didn't rate your answer...could be because when I replied, then you replied to that, there was nowhere to accept your answer on your last, this justifies a "negative report" ! ?...
I'm so sorry...Please forgive me...It won't happen again...Plus, I thought I 'had' accepted your answer...
I'll try again to "ACCEPT" your answer... :-(

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