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Hi. I have a bathroom that has a window that does not open

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Hi. I have a bathroom that has a window that does not open and looks bad. I thinking of covering it. I thought about put a curtain to cover ir up.
http:[email protected]/8956192335/
http:[email protected]/8956188705/
http:[email protected]/8984960228/
Could someone give me helpful ideas?

Hello and welcome. Making it look a lot better would require extensive work. First you need to make sure no infiltration of water is going on there as it is almost the pray area of the shower. Also i hope you have a vent/fan in that bathroom to let humidity out (as you mention it does not open).

If you want a quick fix to make it more tolerable, you could sand it to remove the uneven coating of paint that got added over the years and replace it. It is probably what cause it to not open also. Using a blade to scrape all the excess paint that got onto the glass would probably be the simplest action to make it less neglected.

Depending on the amount of light you get from that window, you could turn it from something common to something interesting by applying a stained glass pattern to it (making sure some part are not colored so that you keep some white spectrum of light in the room). It could be a geometrical pattern or a picture with a water theme.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Martin! Thanks for the answer! Do you know if it would cost me a lot to replace the window for one that does open?
And could you send me a pic so I can have it as an example of what you mean?

Do you mind also answering these questions of mine?

I will also rate you positively over there : )


For the same size it would not cost a lot. Probably not more than $200 all installed.

I am not sure of what kind of picture you want. If you mean about stained glass it was only a suggestion to work around the look of the one you have. A new one could be OK with a simple frosted glass for privacy reason.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Martin, what kind of professional/store/ company would I have to look for to get the window installed? And what are the most affordable options?


A general contractor or a carpenter will be able to do that. Some windows sellers have their own installation team. As for the store, you may have a manufacturer in your town or a reseller.

As this is a bathroom i would not go with wood but a PVC a window. If you don't live in an area with freezing temperature, an aluminum one can also do.

Also as the area is not very large, a tilt and turn style window would work well and give a better opened area than a sliding one. One that open on top (with the hinge at the bottom) would work best to let the vapor of the shower go out. It always depend of the length of the roof overhang (you don't want rain to get in the house).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much fo ryour answer Martin! I am very satisfied.
Just to finalize, were you referring to this type of window?
I live in Manhattan. There are many options here. Ill look around

Yes, that kind of window but upside down would be best for a bathroom. If rain could enter then the one in the picture is the second best. Those allow the maximum area of glass for an opening window and as your window hole is not very large you want to get the more light out of it.
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