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What is the best font to use to mimic the typefont generally

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What is the best font to use to mimic the typefont generally associated with poet E.E. Cummings poetry?

allsolver :


allsolver :

i am working on your request, I will post the answers in a while.Thanks :)

allsolver :

Considering the experimental style of e.e. cummings' poetry we would have to choose a style that is not too contemporary, floral and/or fancy ; however , taking that a poem is a poem , a work of art , a twist here and a curl there wouldn't really hurt but rather add to the meaning of the poem. I did research and found quite a fitting font, click here to view, it isn't your classic twirly font style that is characteristic of traditional poems but it has a modern touch to it while it surprises when you find that some of the letters come off as breaking away from the way their predecessors are written. I think it as the best fit for cummings who also exhibits surprising experimentation in his poems. Let me know if you need further help. Thanks :)


Thank you so much!

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I was wondering if you need further help in your task of writing the poem? Or if you might need a customized poem written for you? If yes, then I would be glad to be of assistance.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'm all set thank you!
You are most welcome any time in the future too! :)