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I have a one-page document, a kind of certificate, that was

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I have a one-page document, a kind of certificate, that was given to my great grand-father for his service as a soldier in the First World War. He was French and lived in the isles of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a French Department off the eastern coast of Canada. I could provide a picture of this document. I'm almost certain it is written in cyrillic alphabet or script. The official date on the document seems to be November 10, 1930. My great grandfather's name, as well as his position in what appears to be the merchant navy ("matelot de 3ieme classe sans spécialité"), are easy to read since they are written in Latin alphabet. My two questions for whoever could read this document are: 1) What is the exact language used here; 2) What does it say (that is, could someone provide a fairly accurate translation of it?) Thank you.
Hello and welcome. I could try if i was having a scan of it. You could post it on or and give me the sharing link.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello. I've just downloaded a picture of the document in question. The link is:

Thanks. Serge.

I am working on it, i will be back with the result.
This is not Russian but Serbo-Croatian. I have not finished and i was working with a friend on it that needed to go so i will have to finish it later.

I can give you so far what i got:

His majesty
Aleksandr I
By the grace of God and people's will
King of Yugoslavia
(responding) To offer of Minister Bojcke and Marnaritse, and based on the order from
1st Dec 1920 (date of formation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) which holds a number 42432
for participation in battles 1914-1918 favors
In the memory of the battle Liberation and Unification 1914-1918.

Amédée Louis, 3rd class sailor without specialty, 38 saint pierre et miquelon.

Then the stamp in blue at the end in french:

Great chancery of the honor legion, foreign order, visa. That look like a stamp from an embassy. So the award transited from Yugoslavia to France by the French embassy probably.

A place may talk about incurred disability but i am not sure about it yet (the oslobo part).
Ok. no disability but "liberation".

Here is the remaining part:

That we can confirm
3151 (Office of the Royal Order) Chancellor, General
10. November 1930 (signature, signature)
in Belgrade
Secretary: (signature) (stamp)
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