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Michael Hannigan
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Hi again What is the value of the : Winchester 236 U.S.N.

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Hi again
What is the value of the :
Winchester 236 U.S.N. Bolt action rifle US Pat. Oct. 10. 93.
Serial # : 10274
Barrel 24'' Caliber unknown.
Cleaning kit and folding screwdriver with tripple blades hidden in the compartment in the back of the stock.
adjustable rear sights.
Condition : very good
There is an open chamber under the reciver - should be a magazine there ?
Hello, my name is Michael.

6mm Lee (.236 U.S.N. cal.), 5 shot non-detachable box mag., 24 (Sporting Rifle) or 28 (Musket) in. barrel, folding leaf sight, blue metal, military style full stock, mfg. 1897-1902, Navy Issue Model is the Musket with "236 U.S.N." on barrels. Approx. 20,000 mfg. (including 15,000 Muskets for the U.S. Navy military contract) between 1895-1902 with parts clean up occurring in 1916.

So to answer your last question first, that is a non-detatchable 5-round magazine. In very good condition, value is between $1200-1500.

Here is a reference item, serial number 10643, which realized $805 at auction in 2011, which I think is a little low, even with it's condition being "good" and a farily large crack in the stock. Yours is a lower serial number and better condition, so I think you could get the high end of the estimate I gave you with a little patience.
Auction Result

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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