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Around May 8, 2013, I have noticed in my backyard a family

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Around May 8, 2013, I have noticed in my backyard a family of red foxes. A total of 10 or 12 (Mom and dad with children) are nesting under my storage shed. What's the pros and cons of keep allowing them in my backyard under the shed? Further back from the shed is an open area of wetland with trees and shrubberies into which they roam in and out. But they seem to enjoy running around and play in the back protion of my backyard. This morning I noticed they were having their breakfast over a kill right beside the storage shed. The shed is about 100 feet away from my house structures. It's fun to watch them play and run around, but I am concerned about animal disease and other safety-related issues. If I decide to kick them out of under my shed, how can I do it?
Hello and welcome. I have lot of foxes on my land. The only drawbacks is if you raise chicken and the possibility of rabies. Don't feed them, don't disturb them and don't get friendly with them. Let them do their thing and consider this a nice free show.

The mesh would not be useful as they are good digger. Fox cover a lot of distance for their food, you will probably never see them again after this. Next time it will probably be a skunk or a raccoon. Shed are frequent hideout.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your quick reply.
1. What did you mean by saying, "Fox cover a lot of distance for their food, you will probably never see them again after this." Do you mean they will go away and dig their den somewhere else soon, or did you mean the eating of their kill will not happen near my shed again?
2. When you said, "Next time it will probably be a skund or a raccoon." did you mean after foxes move away, the next resident might be racoon or skunk? If so, what are some ways to prevent them from taking up their dwelling under my shed?
3. Would foxes ever attack me when I go to my shed? I keep my riding lawn mower there and go there regularly. I noticed foxes disappear very quickly whenever they see me approaching. But it makes me feel uneasy to know that a dozen foxes are right under my feet when I enter my shed. Any suggestions?
1. I mean once they finished raising the young pups. They are not like some birds coming back breeding where they were born.

2. Yes, once the foxes are gone. At that point you can deter them with a wire mesh or wood grid (that can let air pass trough so that humidity can come and go). The mesh will need to go a good feet underground.

3. Just don't stare at them if you are close to them. Don't talk to them and act just like usual. They are very intelligent and will know that they have nothing to fear from you. They probably are not just under the shed but in a burrow dug under it. If one is curious and want to come to see you, just raise your hands fast, nothing too
aggressive, just to not get too friendly.

They should go away 6 to 12 week after you started to see them. They will probably raise them quite fast as there is lot of birds in a march/wetland, so it should be closer to 6 weeks. They will then start to go hunt into a larger territory.

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