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My 6 year old son has allergies...havent found out exactly

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My 6 year old son has allergies...haven't found out exactly to what yet...but he takes zyrtec daily. He gets frequent ear infections and has a dry cough a lot. Besides zyrtec is there something else he can do to prevent the symptoms. We went camping this past weekend and he was fine, we came home and his ear hurt.
For the dry cough especially at night , get a cool mist humidifier, The best ones are the cvs brandor vicksbrand, both are sold on amazon. also get a package of filters, which must be changed every 3 months. yOU CAN get the pediatric size as it is just as good ast the adult size, You fill the tub with cold water. You will add a tablespoon of table salt. The salt will stop the dry cought, and the cool mist will filter the room. Keep the door 3/4 closed. Put a plastic bag on the floor on the side he sleeps if there is a rug in the room. This prevents the dander from irritating his throat. Also take all stuffed animals out of the room especially at night, as these can irritate the throat and nose.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Any thoughts of regular allergies that cause ear pain when being exposed to outdoor allergens?

Allergies dont so much effect the ears as the eyes, nose and throat. The ear infection could be a separate thing. He may need ear drops for that.
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