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What states have and grow apple trees, especially green apples?

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What states have and grow apple trees, especially green apples? In other words, in what states can a person do the same exact type of work that actor, Tobey McGuire, did in the movie The Cider House Rules? Thank you.
Hello and welcome.

I have an orchard with many apple trees in it. There is apple trees in all states. Not all states call grow all cultivar. For example Alaska will not usually use the same tree as Florida. Here is interesting link covering both extremes:

If you want to see an holistic view of apple production, check that distribution chart:
There is many factor other than temperature, like the local popularity of the fruit, the pests and economic factor that often cause growing another thing more economical.

If i was to grow apples in the US on a large scale i would choose Maine or Vermont as the water supply are stables, land is relatively cheap and you can grow a nice varieties of cultivar. The Pest level is also acceptable.
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