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Does anybody here have experience with the Law Of Attraction

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Does anybody here have experience with the Law Of Attraction And The Subconscious.
Hello. I am very familiar with the concept, any particular thing you want to know?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
All my life I've had a dark cloud over my head. Is this the Law of Attraction at work negatively?
This is always a possibility. Especially if you have enough memory to figure out if all the problem seem to just be bad luck. Some seem to have some kind of subconscious sabotage problem. The way to overcome this by the theory (that is lot older than "the law of attraction") is that you not only have to believe it will happen, you have to be 100% sure. the problem is that the human mind can believe on thing and it's opposite at the same time.

You have to take more risk. Each time you close an opportunity you prevent a path that the least amount of resistance for something to happen will take, reducing the possibility of the wanted goal.

You can use many trick to program you subconscious, like the use of sigils for example and also building your confidence by incremental small goal. Another way is to drastically change your current way of life to break a lot of the habit you currently have that may be the cause for many of your failure.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. So that's why I believe it's related to unconscious attraction. I'm working on a sigil, visual subliminals, auditory subliminals, sleep subliminals. No matter what conscious effort I try, it doesn't come favorably. That's why I'm trying to change my inner world to change my outer world.
Things can take time. I noticed that a bad habit that took 2 years to come can take 2 years to shed away.

Don't underestimate the others also. If we really create our own reality, others also can have an effect. You may have someone around you that bring you into bad luck or simply distract you from possible opportunities.

Also try to see the good things into a bad situation. For example, losing a job for me always seemed bad in the short term but it always finished fore the better in the ends.

You may also be of the kind that enjoy the travel in life more than the arrival and because of this you may be creating "interesting situations" just so as your life does not get boring.

In mathematic numerical solving, you can eventually get into a minima solution. The trick to get out of that valley and get into more optimal solution is often to inject random data to move back into another interval of the graph in hope to find the best maxima possible. I think life is a bit like that, sometime we need to make unexpected move to get out of a minima pit.

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