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Oven indicates an 80 degree positive bias as compated to an

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Oven indicates an 80 degree positive bias as compated to an independant thermometer. exp; to obtain an oven at 350 you have to set it to 430. New long thermocoule did not fix problem.

bryanpaul52 :

what kind of thermometer are you using to make this comparison ? is it digital or one of the round dial type you stick in the oven ?do you have a make and model number also ?


Maytag Stove mod CRE8600ACW Use two round dial type thermo9meter you stick in the oven.

okay , Ovens can be up to 30 degrees off . ButXXXXXoff. Unfortunately it mean the oven control (clock) is bad. There are only two things that control the temp and you replaced one of them (probe) that leaves the clock/control. The bad news is they are showing this unavailable. the part number is XXXXX 7601P224-60 their are places you can send this to be repaired however. As it stands you cant calibrate these more than 30 degrees. heres a link to the repair company I know of. they are very reliable.
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