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A man who had been forced by Sadam Hussen to make bronze statues

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A man who had been forced by Sadam Hussen to make bronze statues of him for display has now made a bronze statue of a American Soldier standing by a dead comrade mourning his death - - there is a young girl also as part of the bronze statue looking at the two soldiers. This statute now stands in front of what used to be one of Sudam Hussen's palaces. The bronze material used in the new statute same from melting down bronze statues of Sadum Hussen < spelling ????
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The category you chose is just fine for this question. Yes, there is an interesting story behind this. The sculptor's name isXXXXX made many statues of Hussein, which were placed all around the country. Some of the statues were blown up to provide bronze for the soldier statue. The statue has now been moved to a permanent location in Fort Hood.

There are internet stories circulating, which you may have read, stating that Allussy was forced to make the statues of Hussein, and that he made the soldier statues out of gratitude to Americans. This story is quickly becoming an urban legend, but is not true. When interviewed, Allussy stated that he was not forced to make any statues of Hussein. He was offered good money to do it and did it for money to support his family. He thinks very little of the USA and blames the military for many things, but he was paid well to make the soldier statue, and also did it to support his family. Here are reliable sources where you can read the whole story:

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