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Question/Help about buying diamonds brand new vs store bought? My

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Question/Help about buying diamonds brand new vs store bought?

My boyfriend wants to buy me princess cut diamond earrings. He wanted to get them off for around $600/$700+ or to even go to a jeweler and pick some out. I just know that diamonds are so padded in price...maybe it would be ok to get them off craigslist "?" with an authenticity paper or card (however it works). Do you have any advice when it comes to buying on craigslist? I don't mind that they are used/worn...I just want to make sure I'm getting the most for our dollar (we've been together 9 years).....I know there are dangers with buying on can you share some thoughts with me as far as what I should look at as far as how to know that a ring/earrings are "the real deal" and also an "amazing deal" ??? I see a lot of men...and sometimes women...they'll let go of their diamond engagement rings because it didn't work out...they'll have receipts, paperwork, the works, and it looks so real...I just thought it would be nice to benefit this way. Can you give me some insight on what to look for, mainly for authenticity? I know NOTHING about diamonds.....neither does he...that is our biggest flaw and im sure there are so many professional scammers out there...especially because we live in the los angeles area. Thanks =)


I have family in the Jerwlery Business and have learned from them about what to watch for. You are best to stay away from Craigslist. There have been so many problems dealing with unscrupulous people who falsely advertise on Carigslist. I have even seen people who have had purchased simple and non expensive items, and find they have been taken for a fool. It is very easy to have a Certificate of Authenticity or a Grade on a Stone forged. My best suggestion is to check a Jewlery Exchange or a Diamond Exchange where you can pick the stone and the mounting. Another good option is checking local Pawn Shops who deal heavily in Jewlery. Most Pawn brokers know their Stones and you can usually get a fair deal from them. Some of the larger Jerwlery Stores (Zales or Kays) are good to deal with. I personally would not buy off Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist. If the earrings are something that you really want, it is best to try some of the places I suggested, because trying to go cheaper, may cost you more in a long run and you may not get what you really wanted. This link goes over the reason I say to go to a Reognized Gemologist:

This link will help you with understanding about diamonds, how ther are graded and what to look for:

I wish you luck and happiness and hope you can find the earrings you are looking for. Please let me know if you need more help. I will be happy to continue with you. My goal is Excellent Service. Joan

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