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where can I find the cheapest travel flights and packages from.

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where can I find the cheapest travel flights and packages from. It seems like everything is so expensive but I know there are better deals out there just dont know from where
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

You are correct in that travel today can be very expensive.

Working with a travel agent often can give you travel deals that only an agent will have access to. Checking in your community for a reputable agent would be a good first step.

As a librarian, the series of books called "Lonely Planet" is a great series to use and their website is helpful:

Marketwatch just a few months ago published 10 ways to find that perfect deal:

As for researching deals on your own online, there are many services that offer discount packages. You can search their database when you are planning a trip or another option is having email and/or text alerts sent to you to let you know if a particular deal will interest you.

Some of the major sites are:

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know travel agents are good but dont they charge for their services which make any discount I get with them void? How can I get free rooms at hotels in places like Atlantic City, Vegas?

Sometimes working with a travel agent can offer you some better deals that even with their fees can come out to a good deal. Need to review the entire package they offer and see what the total amount is.

As for free rooms in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there are ways to make that happen:

1. Sign up for the casino of your choice players club. Joining will give you perks by playing for a certain amount of time. A free room will be available as well as additional perks for how long you play. Return visits are always something casinos want so being a member will offer you free rooms.

A friend of mine has club membership to various casinos and she often gets a free room. The card is free and the cost is just your amount in gambling.

2. Email list works the same way as the club and often you can get a free room after a nights stay at their hotel.

3. Subscribe to The Las Vegas Advisor and receive a monthly newsletter on particular deals.

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