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Two employees where put in a manager training program. One

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Two employees where put in a manager training program. One was fast-tracked by going directly to a training program. The other had to work as shift leader. The shift leader never had the time to do the manager training, he had to complete his every day duties. The other employee was flown to Las Vegas ,where this employee had no every day duties other then training. This employee finished the training program was promoted with a raise with in 1 month. The shift leader was in training program 6 months. The shift leader frustrated, quit.
Hello and welcome. Your statement of the problem is very clear but i don't see any question in it. Can you glue a question to this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If both employees were employed at the same company at the same time would it discriminating to fast advance one employee over the other? THe shift leader was employed longer and has more experience than the other.The shift leader is male the other employee is female
It might be. It depend of the need of the employer. The employer may have needed 2 different formed manager at different time in the company and made thing happen so that they "hatch" at different times.

The other employee (fast tracked) was perhaps lacking work in the former position.

The whole thing was perhaps a test. If not, it sure seem a lack of communication happened in that scenario. Perhaps the male was just on the back burner as a plan B in case the woman failed the training.

I personally never quit when i am paid by the hours (i am very patient even in ridicule situations). I say the shift leader quited too fast (6 month was not much). Perhaps voicing about the delay could help make things happen faster. That is the kind of things we never know until we have the guts to make the move.

If the woman was really nice looking, it may have been a case of favoritism IF the person in charge of the promotion was a man and IF the woman ended working in the same town/building. Perhaps she was a relative. That is another thing that is hard to prove if this is the case.
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