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Is a hair stylist a type of job where a person is able to cut

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Is a hair stylist a type of job where a person is able to cut and/or style hair on one day, and then not do that type of work at all for 2 years, and then after the 2 years are up be able to easily cut and/or style hair without being rusty at it, or is a hair stylist a type of job where a person has to cut and/or style hair on a regular basis? Thank you.
Hello and welcome.

The job contain 3 sides. The first is the fashion side. This require to know the market and what is in demand at a specific time. If you don't get in contact with customers or stop reading fashion magazines for a while you may have to rebuild this "sense" and it may take some time.

The second side is the knowledge. You may not get up to date with the latest tools, techniques and product that got developed during your break. This is more apparent if you are a high level advanced stylist.

The third side is physical style. The motor memory of the movements and many efficiency techniques will be less sharp over time without practice. This is the same as sports or video games. This is the part that will be the most dull after 2 years but nothing that can't be put back to shape in some months. You should not drop much bellow 80% of your skills after just 2 years.

That said a break can be beneficial from time to time in any job or hobby that include a creative aspect. This allow resourcing and to come back with something that is really new and not derivative of one own previous work or what is currently the trend.
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