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I am a heavy smoker. I am smoking inside and outside of my

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I am a heavy smoker. I am smoking inside and outside of my house and most people are not smokers today and the contact with them is a burden for them. I have not tried to quit smoking and my first priority now is going to be getting the smell of cigarette smoke out of your mouth. Cigarette smoke is known to be pervasive and stubborn to remove, so I want to consider a multi-pronged attack when I want to get rid of it completely.
Just quitting at this point of my life will take too long. (Support Group, reading long newsletter is a long term solution especially when dating with women is at stake.)
Please advise how to remove the smell.
The only way to get rid of the smell which comes from the nicotine which remains in the lung and in turn gets imbedded through the gums to your system. After 3 days of no smoking, tastebuds start to return to normal so the odor . If someone smokes heavy as you state and a person does not smoke the odor is offensive to another ones sense of smell which I being a femal who dont smoke and had 2 husbands who did could smell it a mile away. You can ask your doctor for chantrix. It is a pill that one takes for 2 weeks and can still smoke, until the medication gets into the bloodstream and will curb the nicotine cravings. You can try using altoids mints, sold in candy stores , all over. They are said to help curb the craving and make the breath smell better. But other than completely stop smoking these are very temporary aids. I know you have heard it all before, but as you are worried about dating and being such a heavy smoker, you are putting your life in danger of getting lung cancer and cutting years off your life expectancy which will not give you time to find someone to enhance your life. Please try and stop and see your md, there is chantrix, nicotine, gum, and patches. Hope some of this helps. Please give me a positive rating if it has.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I heard. Two weeks is too long for me under my circumstances. Would

Listerine help to remove Mouth Odor for smoker?

Immediate Cures for Bad Cigar Breath

Here is some research that I conducted:

There are a number of products on the market that will quickly cure bad cigar breath, including

Cigar breath sprays,

Targon and Cigar Clear. Targon is a mouthwash for smokers that will greatly diminish or eliminate the aftertaste left by tobacco products, especially cigars.

Another product that will actually cleanse (and not just freshen) your breath is a spray produced by Altadis called Cigar Clear. This product is made from 100% natural oils, and comes in small dispensers that you can take anywhere. Individual bottles are available at many local tobacconists for about $3.00 apiece.


Drinking some plain strong tea with your cigars can help reduce the bad aftertaste, and also cleanse the palate between smoking different cigars.

Eating another meal later in day would then greatly reduce or eliminate that stale cigar taste when awakening the next morning. Food and time are slow acting cures for bad cigar breath, but for immediate relief, try Targon or Cigar Clear.

Any comments?

You can also try toms homeopathic toothpaste, sold where toothpaste is sold. There is also Biotin toothpaste and rinse for dry mouth which may help as the nicotine does dry out the tastebuds.

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