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I need help finding an Airman or seaman that was stationed

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I need help finding an Airman or seaman that was stationed in the Philippines in late 1978 early 1979?

My wife was born October 1979 to Nimfa Santos (a Philippine woman) the father was Dennis Bledsoe an Airman or seaman. Nimfa later married a different Airman that my wife thought was her father until last year. They moves to the U.S.; and then her Mother died when she was 5 years old and her step father committed suicide.

My wife just wants to know who her father is, what he looks like, is he still alive, etc..
The name Dennis Bledsoe comes from Nimfa's sisters (there is no name on my wife's birth certificate)

Additional Details

Yes, my wife was born in the Philippines
No her mother did not get married to Dennis (he shipped out before she was born) and he most likely has no idea she even exist.
This information is all we have to go on.


Thanks for using Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I can to help you.


Do you have any idea how old Dennis Bledsoe was at the time he was in the Philippines?


You mention that he was an airman or a seaman, so you don't know if he was in the Navy or Air Force?


Any idea of a middle name or initial?


There were close to 750 men named Dennis Bledsoe born in the US from 1939-1959 from California to North Carolina, for instance. I chose those years thinking he would be 20-40 in 1979, which would be the more likely years for a man to be in military service.


Detailed military records are not online. One would need to contact the branch of service to obtain a military record from the 1970s.


Looking forward to hearing from you,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

he was most likely about 20years old at the time

we are not sure if he was airforce or navy (but looks more like the navy)

we have no additional information (just he was in the philipines in eairly 1979 (bases on my wife born October 1979)

Thanks for getting back to me.


As I mentioned, detailed military records are not online. They must be requested from the branch of service that he was with. There is no way to tell who served in the Philippines in 1979 without first having the service record.


In narrowing it down to Dennis Bledsoes born 1950-1960 which would make him 19 to 29 in 1979, the number came down to a little more than 225. For men born 1957 to 1961 (would be 18-22 in 1979) the number drops to 174 hits. The only military information for any of them was for a Dennis Bledsoe born 1933 and died 1954.


With no more information it isn't possible to learn who he was, and if he is still living. You might consider inquiring for service records to the Navy for service records, or hiring a private investigator to search for him, but there aren't online records that would help.



Best regards,




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