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I have a question about cleaning Vannamei White Shrimp. I defrosted

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I have a question about cleaning Vannamei White Shrimp. I defrosted the package and went to clean them but there is no black vein on their backs that is usually the excretion vein. Then I have read that I do see a bottom vein on the other side of the shrimp but that that is just a nerve cord and you can leave it. What gives with these shrimp?? How do they excrete. I dont want to get sick. Thank you

Hello again, Graham and welcome back to Just Answer.

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My apologies that you did not receive an earlier answer; however, different experts are online at varying times and I recently logged in and read your question.

It depends on the company that sells the shrimp. Some are processed and deveined before they are frozen and sold. If your package says 'deveined shrimp', this has already been done, so, easier for you. Laughing

Also, look at instructions on the package, for preparation. For example, if it says defrost for a certain number of hours in the fridge or outside the freezer, or run under cold water to defrost, it should also include the information on how to devein, or at least say, 'devein before cooking'; if it does not say that, I would presume they are already deveined and you don't have to worry.

If you see no dark vein (intestinal tract), running through the shrimp, then I would assume they have already been deveined as part of the processing before freezing. Look for a customer service or company phone number on the package that you can call with questions about the product, so you can ask them if they have been deveined before being packaged.

I hope this helped!


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Hi again, Graham.

I also wanted to mention that sometimes the intestinal tract/vein in a shrimp can be light in color, not dark, so even if you don't see one on the back of the shrimp, cut it gently (not all the way through) as if to devein it, and see if you can get any 'vein' out. If nothing is there, they have already been deveined.

Also, if you can let me know the name of the company that sells the shrimp (the brand name on the package) and/or from which country it is, it might be possible to research this for you further.

Best regards,

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