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Does President Obama ( seek out the most popular programs

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Does President Obama ( seek out the most popular programs and cliff-hangar moments on television to break into when addressing the national audience? If not the most popular programs, then the heaviest-viewed day parts? Or are viewers just "lucky" this way and his interruptions are random, i.e. not so strategically planned as to cause the maximum disruption possible? What are the practices and strategies of his press team this way and are they geared to gain maximum visibility regardless of the ire or loss (e.g. advertising revenues to the networks) to others?
Your question is nothing new as this was reported by The Hollywood Reporter back in 2009:

Reuters also reported on this very issue and went into detail from executives on their feelings:

Quite often, any President will want his speech to reach the largest amount of viewers for prime time viewing but also this is done so that what is said makes the local news at 11:00pm.

There has been times when the White House was willing to change the time for a particular talk:
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