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I dreamt that a very handsome man was entering my daughters

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I dreamt that a very handsome man was entering my daughters life. She has three children under four and I always believed that she wouldnt meet anyone until the children where older. But in the dream he loves her children and brings joy and warmth to their lives. He loves her children dearly and holds their hands so lovingly. Is this dream going to become a reality or am I just dreaming because i seem to have so many dreams that do become real or am i just interpreting to make myself believe i can dream the future?
Hello and welcome. I think this is just the representation in dream that you want your daughter to be happy and safe. So far no proven case of future prediction by dream are under record. Often a dream may look like this but it is often a statistic trick of the mind giving you a possible outcome from the set of data you got in the past (a bit like a weather forecast).

Nobody ever proved that we can't see the future either, so who know :)
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