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What is the source or origin or cause that got many people

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What is the source or origin or cause that got many people to start having an attitude/mindset that it's not about right and wrong; it's about winning and losing? I realize that perfectionism/perfectionists are what are at work here, but I am interested in what is the source, origin, and/or cause that started it all? For example, when I was in high school during the late 1980s, some students chose to join sports, but there were also many students that chose NOT to be in sports or anything and be just average students and they were able to do so without being looked at as "freaks". But it seems to be different today, for everybody I hear about is either in sports or something like The Chess Club or something and it's almost like if someone chooses to not compete in anything is looked at as a "freak". Additionally, in the workforce, there are many perfectionists that think that if they make a mistake, they are a failure or if success doesn't come easy, they are a failure, and to them, enough work is never enough work and they continue to repeat in an never ending cycle of working 24/7 and beyond. Again, what is the origion, source, root, cause, or driving force that started all of these type of mindsets and attitudes? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello and welcome. I think that a lot of the current problem in the world currently have to do with over specialization. It disconnect a lot of individual from reality. Instead of seeing an infinite branching path of possibility in front of them they only see one and as human like actions, the only action they can perform is to pass others on that path.

You can no longer apply at any job you find interesting, you have to own a paper saying you can do the job. That reduce a lot your work possibilities and increase the stress of losing a job. The only way to keep it is too perform better than other in the company (or back stab everybody depending on your style).

Unless becoming a renaissance man become fashionable again, we will see that kind of aimless life in many.

The source of specialization is the cost cutting that it help to bring in the short term. The opening of the economies all over the world greatly accelerated this.

You are in no obligation to replicate this, it is a perfect case of "The Tortoise and the Hare".
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