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I am in Long Island New York my husband has been is in Miami

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I am in Long Island New York my husband has been is in Miami Florida at Lake Worth and Miami Florida he may have been in an accident he may be in hospital how do I find out. MOST IMPORTANT HIS NAME ISXXXXX , HIS B DAY IS 11/29/65 HE WORKS AS A CHEF WHERE THE OLD BURGER KING HEADQUARTERS WAS i believe in Miami and his parents live in LAKE WORTH


You can try calling the FHP in Lake Worth and in Miami. They would get all reports of accidents that occured on the Turnpike or I 95 which are the two major roads between Miami and Lake Worth. They may also be able to contact and check reports from the local Police and Sheriffs Departments for you. It would be much easier that trying to call all the Hospitals.

These are two numbers for Florida Highway Patrol that take care of the areas between Miami and Lake Worth:

Lake Worth, FL 33467
(561)357- 4040
Miami, FL 33176

I also want to mention if he carries an I phone and has I cloud, you can track his phone on a computer, or you may be able to see if the carrier for his cell phone if he carries one, can tract his location through their sytem. Many of the newer Smart Phones have a GPS system built in.

If this information is not helpful, please let me know and I will opt out of the question and see if someone else can assist you. I live in the Palm Beach County Area and just watched the news at 11pm and there was no reports of any major accidents on the news. We get the news for Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

fortunately or unfortunately um his name did not find any accidents or any arrests in with his name It covers all off I 95 and blah blah blah which is the way he travels to work tonight he was supposed tto be with his parents his father's 80th birthday and his daughter, son-in-law and his beautiful almost 1 yr old granddaughter are all there some things just not right but I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time thank you very much








a beautiful almost 1 year old granddaughter well we do that we been separated for your mind um I really appreciate your


I can imagine your anxiety that you must be feeling. Whenever a family member is not where they are supoosed to be it is very unsettling. I checked with some friends that live between Lake Worth and Miami, to see if they have heard of any unusal reports and they said nothing that they know of. One owns a Towing company and he checked his records. I wish I could be of more help than this. I hope you hear from him soon. He may have been tired after work and decided to stay and not get behind the wheel of the car. Please let me know if I can further assist you and please let me know the outcome. My goal was to give you 100% Excellent Service tonight. I hope I have met that goal. Joan

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Any more suggestions or information to help me is greatly appreciated. I have a pain neurological disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and the stress and anxiety ( like anything else ) makes it worse. So any ideas would be so helpful. Once again what's happening is yesterday he (XXX XXX ) spoke to his mother about 4 pm when he was leaving work (which is somewhere in Miami [it's the building that use to be the Burger King headquarters] going to Lake Worth) he was going to his parents house to meet up with his daughter, son-in-law and 9 month old granddaughter ;who all flu from NY for his father's 80th B-day party. Something happened between leaving work in Miami going to his parents house in Lake Worth. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone involved with my problem. I can be reached at anytime by my cellphone # XXXXX or [email protected]. His phones mailbox is full ( his cellphone # XXXXX XXXXX it is a smartphone, server is AT&T I don't know his password, because I believe it does have a GPS locator but AT&T would not help me at all. He has a Cheavy trailblazer " Bordeaux" otherwise known as maroon it has Onstar but I don't know the phone number. His birthdate is 11/29/65, he is 5'7" brown hair, hazel eyes about 220 lbs. Once again any help is greatly appreciated. XXX XXX and I are separated and are working on figuring out where and how to get back together. Any ideas are immensely appreciated. Thanks once again, XXX XXX

P.S. Time is of the essence, I have many other medical disorders and family issues that need my immediate and utmost attention, which my next questions will entail.




Just got your message. You can try going to At&T and getting this application for you computer: It helps pinpoint where someone via their Cellphone if you are on the same account. They give you a 30 day free trial. It is based on the cell phone's phone number and a GPS in the phone.

I understand RSD very well and what stress can do. I have Lupus and Fibro Myalgia and have several friends that suffer with RSD.

If he does not show up at his parents house by 4pm today you can file a missing person's report with the the Miami Dade County Sherriffs Dept or at least ask them to investigate.:

The last thing you can do is have his parents call his cell phone and see if he will answer their calls.

Hopefully he will show up safe and sound. Joan

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