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Im a seasoned Customer Service Rep who wants to work for a

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I'm a seasoned Customer Service Rep who wants to work for a company that is hiring customer service reps like crazy, but for some reason they're taking their time responding to me. How do I light a fire under them? I was told that I passed the online assessment, I had a promising telephone interview on March 25, one of their recruiters said that I would hear from them "shortly," and despite calling them several times, I'm still waiting for them to schedule a face-to-face interview with me. Any ideas on how to secure an interview?
Hello and welcome.

It is a thin line between telling them you still exist and starting to bother them and show that you may lack patience. I once was contacted by a company 6 month after my last interview! Some company are just not efficient. If you mention that they hire a lot, they may be swamped in application. It also mean that you have LESS chance to get the job as the competition can be higher if they have enough application. The better chance to apply at a company is when they not even have a place open, you then have a good 20% chance to land a job while in a massive hiring environment you may have 1% chance.

The kind of job you apply to don't give you much leverage. You can't tell them you will bring in more customer, like a seller would or reduce their operation cost like an engineer could.

If you remember the name of the last contact you got there, you could drop by and candidly ask at what state is currently your application.

Note that some jobs can fall flat if the company lose contracts in the middle of a recruitment.
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