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Grammar. "The operational relationship would lie with the

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Grammar. "The operational relationship would lie with the company." Is it 'lie' or 'lay'?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help with this question today.

The main difference between lay and lie is whether there is a direct object. If there is not then we use "lie" - I would lie down on the sofa. If there is a direct object than we would use "lay" - I am going to lay the book down on the desk.

In addition, lie is used more used when discussing something that is reclining while lay is a verb that means to put something somewhere - in this case we are putting the operational relationship with the company.

In the question above, we have a direct object (operational relationship) and therefore we would use lay and the best answer would be

"The operational relationship would lay with the company."

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