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Do scapa systems release electromagnetic fields that could

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Do scapa systems release electromagnetic fields that could be dangerous to humans?
Hello and welcome. Sorry for the delay, it took me a while to found what "scapa" is (because it take 2 "p" Can you give me a bit of info on those system? Are they they some kind of remote metering reading devices?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The system is a remote monitoring device designed to read and convey
the amount of electricity needed in an area as well as atmospheric

conditions so as to shut down system if a storm is detected.


Client all complain of loss of memory, lack of concentration, irritability

problems, skin rashes, nausea, dizziness and heart palpations. All

also complain of trouble sleeping and several have sleep apnea and

one has been told to move away by his doctor.



You refer to them as "client". Can i know the professional relation you have with them.

Do you know the technology involved in those PLC ( ) or wifi/wimax radio?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The system is a scada system, not scapa. I misspelled.


I am a lawyer representing several families who show signs of

electromagnetic semsitivity and live near power lines with scada

system attached to a power pole located within 100 feet of all

of my clients.


I googled scada systems and found out some scant info. It is used

in power industry and oil and gas industry monitor and control output.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not know the exact technology involved, but the unit was installed

in December, 2011, so I imagine it is relatively state of the art.

Yes, scada make more sense :) In fact it should even spell SCADA in capital letters because it is an acronym ( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

There is currently a big controversy in Quebec province with the Hydro-Quebec power utility that want to replace all the old traditional monitors with such device. Some are really not finding funny in apartment building to have 5-7 of those meter on the wall next to their chamber (why they just don't have different meters linking to a single transmitter is beyond me) .

The PLC type is less risky as it use transporting current inside the grid conductor itself. Only minimal radio emission is produced by that. Note that many farmers still complain that high tension power lines cause problem with their cow comportment/health.

When Wifi is used, the same old fear over cell phone danger come back to the surface. There is as much study that mention danger as study that say those are safe. In science correlation does not mean absolute causation.

Many may just suffer from a placebo effect from the fear of it alone while some may genuinely be affected.

The problem with the whole thing is that lobby are so powerful that it is hard to get the truth. Also there is a big gap between the electrical engineering field and the biology field. Many take the problem as an intensity problem (to break DNA strand) and it should be studied under that view but not just that. The body use magnetic and electrical field that are not always well understood in the medical community. Also some part of the body (bones, teeth, dental filling, cranial and sinus cavity) can act as resonance cavity and antenna that amplify things depending on very small variation of human morphology from an individual to another (unlike simple chemical response).

Also, hormone and chemicals can be triggered in the body by the glands and also the micro-tubules of the cells. Those signal could very well have an impact as big as we learned for biphenol A have in plastic, lead pipe in the past or the nickel in stainless steal and asbestos for the lungs. One thing is sure, the world is not a save place.

Can i give you study or evidence, no. Should we use the precaution principle, yes.

To come back to the placebo effect, notice that not many would go back to using their laptop with a wire for networking and not many would stop using cell phone because they got used to loving them. To have a proper study on those system the power bill payers should have a big rebate on their power bill to event start to like those device and only then we could rule out that placebo effect and observe real data to do real scientific study.

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