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I had a dream in which I was back in the house in which I grew

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I had a dream in which I was back in the house in which I grew up in Hinsdale, IL., in my bedroom. It was getting to be time for my father to come home from work when we would have supper. I tried to turn on my lamp. It was a pole lamp with three bulbs on it each with its own separate switch. None of the bulbs would turn on. In my endeavor to turn the lamp on I suddenly discovered that there was a a swithch hidden deep inside of the light cover which turned on the bulb. I was able to turn on two of the three bulbs. The third one had a different shaped bulb which kept me from reachihg the switch. In the next scene I began wondering which clothes of mine would fit to put on for supper. Then I noticed that my clothes were caught and stuck on something and I could not move. I called to my Mother for help. I heard her angrily call up to me "Emily, are you suffed with pizza?" The dream had a rather creepy feeling to it. When I was waking up I had to tell myself to look around and see to see that I was in my bedroom in the apartment where I now live and tell myself that the light worked in order to come out of the dream.

Background: I am a female. The pole lamp in the dream is one which I had in my bed room for about 30 years until I moved into my apartment in 1990. I did not take this lamp to my new apartment because it no longer worked. In Spring of 1991 my mother sold the house and moved into an apartment of her own her me. After we began living separately the relationship came to be quite a close one. Mother passed away in 1996. My father died in 1979. I have one older brother who lives in New York and we see each other seldom. Over the last few years I have had many dream about my old bedroom with that pole lamp which I never could get turned on when I needed it. I was always left in the dark. This is the first dream in which I was able to get any of the bulbs to turn on - this is way I find this dream so interesting. I have a very large collection of clothes of different sizes because I have always struggled with my weight. A few years ago I left my job where I had worked for 14 years for a new one because I felt I needed a change. I was very depressed at the time. I feel that my Mother's passing was a large part of it. After only 8 or 9 months on the new job I was fired, which was a terrible blow to me. I tried to get another job but was told by employment agency personnel that there were no jobs. I have never totally bellieved this. I have since learned to earn money on Ebay. I have recovered for the most part of being fired, but some little part remains within me. I am very interested in learning your thoughts. Thank you.
Hello and welcome.

You seem to have very nostalgic feeling about your past. The lamp seem to be a progress indicators, i think you might dream of it again in the future. It look like you feel you have made progress in your situation but it is not complete yet. I assume the next time you dream about the lamp and be fully satisfied with your life the lamp will be already ON (all 3 bulbs) when you enter the room.

Not being able to move the cloth may be related to your weight problem. As if the cloth where not stuck but just weighted a ton. This or/and your job problem might be the last thing to solve to "light" the last bulb of the lamp. Perhaps both are linked, perhaps you could get a job that allow you to get plenty of exercise (i personally added two part-time jobs that fill that purpose totaling 8 hours a week).
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