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I dreamed that I was golfing, and no matter from what angle

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I dreamed that I was golfing, and no matter from what angle I hit the ball, it always went in the hole. My 6 year old brother was on roller blades when he was golfing too, which helped him get around faster. It was at one of those mini golf places where you golf indoors.

When I got home, my 16 year old brother said that the cat had given birth to 5 or 6 kittens. The kittens were the size of my thumb and they were all black with green eyes.

There was also a snake in my room, the size of a worm but it was also black and had green eyes. The snake was looking for the kittens to eat them, and so I put the kittens on this shelf while the snake slithered on the ground. Some of the kittens would escape and I would have to look for them. There was a kitten trapped in the corner while the snake was coming at it, so I saved the kitten but I also felt sorry for the snake because it was hungry and I didn't know what to feed it.

After several days, the snake was still looking for the kittens and I wondered if it was thirsty, so I sprinkled water on it, I threw some ants in it's way, as well cereal crumbs because I didn't know what they eat, but the snake still wanted the kittens. Every time one of the kittens escaped, I interfered with the snake getting its food even though I kept telling myself that it was ok if the snake ate one of the kittens. I couldn't stand to watch the snake eat one, and I think I would've felt better if I couldn't find the kitten, so that the snake wouldn't have to die either.
Hello and welcome. The similarity between the cats and the snake link them in the dream, meaning they could represent one things in your life. That thing may be a conundrum problem (something that can't seem to have a solution) that you have to solve and is coming to hunt you in your dreams under symbolic form. The conundrum seem to take the shape of a Sophie's Choice of some kind. As you study biology, it make sense that the problem get modeled by animal behavior. Perhaps a choice related to the University as you mini golf event made it in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's not that I was trying to solve the problem in the dream, it's just that the snake refused to eat anything else and preferred to eat cats only. And I couldn't stand to watch a kitten eaten in front of my eyes no matter how much I kept telling myself that it's part of nature, and prey gets eaten all the time. But I eventually can't stand it anymore and have to help the kitten. So I felt responsible for starving the snake.


I was protecting the kittens, changing their location each time so the snake doesn't find them, but the kittens would keep getting found again and the dream was just never ending. I think it went on for 3 days and the snake was still alive.

3 days in the dream or 3 day as in recurring dream you made 3 night in a row?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the dream felt like it was 3 days long because the snake would keep coming back and it would look dehydrated after looking for the kittens for 3 days. The snake wouldn't give up no matter how many times I took the prey away from it once it found them.

3 days in a dream really make the situation look like being caught in solving a conundrum. Note that the representation of the dream may be completely different than a problem you are facing right now or will have to face in the near future.

Many problems in life fit that particular pattern. You may perhaps to have to buy somethings but have just enough money to buy one item. You may have to do 2 important things but have only the time to one thing etc.. Something that may involve a sacrifice to break the conundrum.

Sometime dreams can be less symbolic and more literal (i doubt this is the case because the cats and snake look too much alike). If it is more literal the dream may be about maternal instinct or general protective behavior, like having to care for someone (or perhaps a biology science experiment underway).

It sure is not something that touch you personally because the snake is small like the kittens, so it is never a danger to you directly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I wasn't afraid of the snake I just felt sorry for it. I guess it's a scenario where I care for something and I don't want to sacrifice it as the solution for the snake's hunger. I care for the kittens so I can't just hand one over to the snake to make it happy. I also feel selfish because I have 6 small kittens, and sacrificing is normal in nature but yet I'm going against it. It's morally wrong to let the kittens die, but biologically it is okay, and I couldn't come to terms with that. What kind of person does that make me?

You mean you actually have 6 kitten in reality (outside of the dream)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I don't have any pets in reality. In the dream I do though, and they're abnormally small that I can fit 3-5 black kittens in one hand.

That may very well be a dilemma you have for your biologist career (a biologist have often to sacrifice life in their decision when working in the field). Perhaps also vegan dilemma with yourself.

The part with the golf almost is literally a whatever angle you take, the result is always the same, again being a conundrum. You must currently have a problem where you need to think outside the box.

The solution in the dream as a biologist would be to sacrifice the weakest kitten (short term solution), or let the snake out to live naturally in the wild. Perhaps you want to be a field biologist but fear to quit an easier desk work in all the comfort of a home.

It really is not an obvious dream, so i make a lot of assumption here :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's true that there's a vegan dilemma. We have been discussing the conditions of farm animals, and it seems like sacrificing meat intake to improve these conditions would not be easy, while animals in the wild don't have to worry about that.


I can't enforce a vegan diet on a snake, but apparently in the dream it was fine for the snake to eat ants. I wasn't saving the ants. I'm not sure why the cats seemed more important to me. The snake didn't eat the ants though but I did throw ants in its way. So why is it that I had no problem with feeding the snake an ant and not a kitten?

Human have a tendency to prefer to save the most intelligent creature. The kittens would be like ants if you were to save a chimp or a dolphin from a giant python.
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