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Hello. I dont kno if there are any astronomers here but here

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Hello. I don't kno if there are any astronomers here but here is my question. On the same day the comet hit Russia, my husband and I were traveling early morning through New Mexico when we saw what we thought were chem trails from planes. there were several traveling up, down and sideways. we looked through our strong binochulars but couldn't see a plane. is it possible these were planes or could they have been meteors. they'd disappear and come again in another area. just asking.
Hello. There was 2 meteor in the earth area at that time (unrelated). It is possible that part of them reached that area. I would need a photo to really know.

To help you judge better, a plane vapor trail is very constant (unless wind came to mess it up). It will also follow the arc of the earth surface. A meteor will tend to give inconsistent trail, more abundant initially and as the mass evaporate it give a smaller trail. A meteor trail will also follow a small parabolic curve down to heart.

The only way for a meteor coming from a same source to scatter in many direction is if it exploded at some point in the atmospheric entry. That mean that is the trails where not intersecting at a common origin (in 3d space) it was likely planes.

A meteor can give 1 or 2 lines in some case but would never give 3 or 4 (only 3 or 4 motors planes will do that).
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