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Bryan, Internet Researcher
Category: General
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Experience:  Many years of internet research experience. I also run my own business.
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Type your question here. Maytag dryer belt replacement

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Maytag dryer belt replacement

bryanpaul52 :

do you have the model number so I can take a look at this ?

Customer: Medb400vq0
Customer: It's part number 29 on Drawing
bryanpaul52 :

okay give me a minute.

Customer: K
bryanpaul52 :

how short does this seem ? these you have to roll onto the pully. they are tight. have you tried rolling it on ? what I mean by that is get it as far as possible on one side of the pulley and then turn the pulley and belt to roll it on.

Customer: I can' get it started. It's too tight. I tried using a screwdriver to roll it on with no luck. Is there an adjustment on the motor that the pulley can move?
bryanpaul52 :

I'm pulling up the tech sheets. be right back

Customer: thx
bryanpaul52 :

is it possible you can put the blower side on first then roll the motor side on ? you can adjust this model back the belt has to be rolled on. make sure you not twisted more than a half of a twist between the motor shaft and the blower pulley.

Customer: got it! Does the pulley on top of the fan need to be tightened? I only finger threaded. It's reverse threaded and turning it turns the fan. I can't reach in duct far enough to hold fan still.
Customer: Only 1/2 twist. It looks good.
Customer: Blower pulley came off. That was the original problem. Now I'm worried the blower pulley needs to be tight and I can't tighten it.
bryanpaul52 :

well these are reversed so the motor turns in the oposite directoin from how this screws on so when it runnig its actually turn the same direction you put the pulley on so its like its tightening it. if you have another issue withthis comming loose get some loktight and put it on the threads, Its rare for these pulleys to come loose though.

Customer: Great! I thought it would self tighten. If it comes off again I will lock tight.
Customer: Thanks for your help!
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